Jews Who Died in the Defence of Hong Kong

ohel leah war memorial plaque

A number of members of our community sadly perished either in the defence of Hong Kong in December 1941 or the during subsequent Japanese occupation, which ended in 1945. Their graves or memorials are located in four cemeteries around the territory:

Pokfulam Memorial Cemetery
Stanley Military Cemetery
Sai Wan Military Cemetery
Sai Wan Memorial

as well as in the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Yokohama, Japan.

We are always looking to add information to our database. If you know someone who is related to one of these deceased members of our community, please ask them to contact us.

Please click on a name below to go to that person’s page, or use our search engine at the bottom of the page:

Benjamin, Vivian Berger, Max Braun, Jack Francis
Cohen, Bernard Cohen, Norman Elliott, Frank
Ellis, Leontine Freeman, Sidney Gerzo, Samuel
Ginsburg, Leonard E. Goldman, Reginald Greenberg, Hymie
Hoselitz, Rudolf Humphreys, Joseph Jacob Joseph, Harry Bernard
Kossick, David Liborwich, Samuel Lipkovsky, Boris
Macklin, Robert Rich, Jack Samuel, Herbert A.
Schrage, David Morris