The Jewish Recreation Club in Photos

The second Jewish Recreation Club was built in the early 1950s after the first one was destroyed during the Battle of Hong Kong (8 – 25 December 1941). It lasted until 1992 when the site was razed to make way for the Robinson Place complex and the new Jewish Community Centre.

The Hong Kong Public Libraries has a number of photos of the old Jewish Recreation Club taken in 1989 and 1990, and they are presented here:

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Thanks to Sarah Li, who kindly provided this photo that was taken in the 1960s by her father, Mr. Li Hin-Tai:

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KM (Hong Kong) wrote on 7 May 2019:

“I used to love going to the community’s open day/fair every year. I remember walking down the driveway/slope and into the open garden area where all the stalls were. And we children would run around. I also recall across the garden area were stairs down to another old building and that is where my nursery school was and we had animal crackers at break. Sandlands or Sandilands, it was called. There was a very tall man every year at the fair (I think possibly with a moustache?) and he was well known for running the bagel and lox stall. I don’t know why I remember him. Perhaps because he was SO tall for a little girl! I also remember going into the building, the hall and I think there was a stage at one end.”