Family Trees

When we began documenting the graves in our cemetery back in the early 2000s, we expected to see many of our community’s early members — names like Kadoorie, Gubbay, Belilios, Elias, Ellis, Ezra, Joseph and the like — pop up a few times. What we didn’t expect to find were names like Weill, Landau, Goldenberg and others, appearing multiple times, not because these people weren’t prominent members of our community in their day but because they weren’t part of the traditional narrative of our community’s history that we all knew. What was really surprising to us though, was learning that that many of these families are related to each other.

We have now started creating trees for some of the families who have many members buried in our cemetery. As more genealogical information goes online, we will be updating these trees from time to time, so please check back often. If you happen to see any errors or know something about someone who is listed on one of these trees, please let us know.

The Sassoon Family Tree
The Abraham-Hayim-Elias Family Tree
The Abraham-Mackenzie-Goldenberg Family Tree
Elias (Other) Family Trees
The Ellis-Edgar Family Tree
The Joseph-Gubbay-Judah-Mocatta-Kadoorie Family Tree
The Raymond-Levy-Ezra-Sopher Family Tree
The Weill-Odell-Donnenberg-Dunn-Lyons-Cario-Komor Family Tree