Moses, Rose Christina

Plot Location4C5
Given Name(s)Rose Christina
Place of BirthBombay
Date of Birth (Eng)August 27, 1888
Date of Birth (Heb) 
Date of Death (Eng)March 10, 1950
Date of Death (Heb)21 Adar 5710
Age at Death61
Hebrew Nameרוזה קריצטינה
Spouse’s NameNaphtali Steinberg Moses (4B19)
Father’s NameR. I. Goldenberg
Mother’s NameEva Goldenberg (4B18)
Other Surnames 
Marital StatusW
Maiden NameGoldenberg
Title (e.g., Dr) 
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) 
Cause of Death 
Other Family DataChildren: Ernest S. Moses (4C2) and Branetta Edith Moses (b. September 22, 1912; d. December 1973, Malvern, Worcs.)

Siblings: Annabella Goldenberg Oxberry (4C3), William Goldenberg (4C6), Clara Thelma Goldenberg Forbes (4C8), Charles Archie and Isaac Levy Goldenberg (4C4), and Minnie Pearl Goldenberg Mcrae (4C1).
Inscription (Eng)IN LOVING MEMORY OF
27TH AUGUST 1888 – 10TH MARCH 1950
Inscription (Heb)לזכר עולם פה מצאה מנוח ה״מ מרת רוזא קריצטינא משה נלבעת יום כ״א לאדר ה׳ת״שי והיו ימיה אחד וששים שנה תנצ״בה
Inscription (Other) 
HistoricalIn November 1945, she sailed from HK to Southampton. Her profession is listed as housewife. Also on board were her brother and sister, William Goldenberg and Annabella Oxberry, and his daughter, Beryl (age 20). Rabbi Eleazer and his family were also on board.

Daughter Branetta married Eric J. Griffin in the fourth quarter of 1958 (when she was 46) in Uxbridge, UK. It appears they had no children together. In 1965 (the last record available), they lived at 37 Ivy House Road, Ickenham.

A Rose Goldenberg (born in 1888 and the daughter of Isaac Goldenberg) married William Griffiths on December 8, 1906 in Poona, India. Could this be the same Rose?

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