Donnenberg, Joseph Haiem

4B8 - Joseph Haiem Donnenberg    
Plot Location 4B8
Surname Donnenberg
Given Name(s) Joseph Haiem
Place of Birth January 14, 1850
Date of Birth (Eng)  
Date of Birth (Heb)  
Date of Death (Eng) January 10, 1914
Date of Death (Heb) 12 Tevet 5674
Age at Death 63
Hebrew Name יוסף חיים [בן] שמואל אברהם הלוי
Spouse’s Name  
Father’s Name Shmuel Abraham Donnenberg
Mother’s Name  
Other Surnames  
Sex M
Marital Status  
Maiden Name  
Title (e.g., Dr)  
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) Levi
Cause of Death  
Other Family Data Children: Rosie Donnenberg Weill (4B4), Samuel Dunn (4B5) and Pauline Donnenberg Komor. Sister-in-law: Elyse Lyons (2E14). Sons-in-laws: Albert Weill (4B7) and Siegfried Komor (4E2). Grandchildren: Sophie Rachel Odell (4B2) and Leon “Leo” Weill (4B6). Great-grandson: Victor Jack Cario (4B9).
Inscription (Eng) SACRED TO THE MEMORY
10TH. JANUARY 1914.



Inscription (Heb) מצבת קבורת המ הזקן יוסף חיים דאנינברג נע בן שמואל אברהם הלוי נפטר יום שק יב להו טבת התרעד ין ג׳נוורי והיו ימיו סד שנה תנצבה
Inscription (Other)  
Historical Hebrew inscription says he was 64.


He went to Japan in 1888 and, in partnership with J. Bercovich, who had lived and operated a saloon in Japan for some years, he established Bercovich & Donnenberg, proprietors of the Hotel Europe, Yokohama # 41. In 1889, his wife and daughter Pauline joined him. They operated the hotel until 1890. It was sold to A. Goldman in 1891 and they left Japan for Hong Kong.

According to the Carl Smith archives, he took charge of the Globe Hotel on Queen’s Road Central in 1891. Three years later he transferred it to Isydor Silberman, the father of the Sarah Silberman (1H8) and the unnamed child buried in 1H4.

In 1897, he became the proprietor of the Colonial Hotel on Jubilee Street, which was previously licensed to Moritz Sternberg, the father Jacob Sternberg (1H7). In 1901, the license was transferred to Annetta Papier, the wife of Pinchas Moses Papier (1G3) and mother of Emily Papier (1D1).

His wife is not mentioned. She probably died before him. Certainly, she is not buried in Hong Kong and she may have died in Japan, perhaps in 1890.

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