Joseph, Manasseh Abdulla

2E4 - Manasseh Abdulla Joseph
Plot Location 2E4
Surname Joseph
Given Name(s) Manasseh Abdulla
Place of Birth Baghdad
Date of Birth (Eng) October 31, 1842
Date of Birth (Heb) 27 Cheshvan 5603
Date of Death (Eng) May 14, 1903
Date of Death (Heb) 17 Iyar 5643
Age at Death 60
Hebrew Name מנשה עבדאללה
Spouse’s Name Rachel Joseph née Gubbay
Father’s Name Hayim Abdullah Joseph
Mother’s Name Hannah Joseph née Judah
Other Surnames
Sex M
Marital Status
Maiden Name
Title (e.g., Dr)
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)
Cause of Death
Other Family Data Children: Silas Menasseh Joseph (b. April 14, 1868, Baghdad; d. March 31, 1947, Shanghai), Jacob Menasseh Joseph (b. 1873, Baghdad; d. February 6, 1930, Shanghai), Raymond Menasseh Joseph (b. 1877, Baghdad; d. 1943, Shanghai), Sophie Joseph Sopher (b. December 7, 1881, Baghdad; d. June 28, 1962, San Francisco) and Ellis Menasseh Joseph (b. circa 1885, Baghdad; d. 1965, France).

Brother: Saul Abdullah Joseph (2E5), sister-in-law: Sophia Joseph (2A4), nephew: Joseph Edgar Joseph (2A5)

Inscription (Heb) צדיק שומר אמנים נוצר תורה ודינים מורשה מאב לבנים המחבם נבונים בטעם זקנים המנוח מנשה עבדאללה יוסף וילך מנוח אל מקום אשר יהיה שמה הרוח ביום ה׳ יז׳ לחדש אייר תרס׳ג והוא בן ששים שנה תהי ערשו רעננה נולד בעיר בגדאד ביום ב׳ כז׳ למרחשון לשנת וה׳תר׳ג לפ׳ג תנצ״בה
Inscription (Other) “84” on right side of headstone
Historical Son Raymond may have been first married to Luna Joseph (2B2). He was later married to Hannah Levy, who was the half-sister of Ezra Simon Levy (2G9). His brother, Ellis, was married to Hannah’s sister, Mozelle Levy.

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