Landau, Aaron

Plot Location2E33
Given Name(s)Aaron (Adolf)
Place of BirthJerusalem
Date of Birth (Eng)October 18, 1873
Date of Birth (Heb) 
Date of Death (Eng)August 28, 1947
Date of Death (Heb) 
Age at Death73
Hebrew Name 
Spouse’s NameAmelia Pauline Landau (2D21)
Father’s NameMordechai (Marco) Landau
Mother’s NameBella Perlstein
Other Surnames 
Marital StatusM
Maiden Name 
Title (e.g., Dr) 
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) 
Cause of Death 
Other Family DataChildren: Harry Landau (2E34), Emile Landau (2D19), Pauline (Polly) Hughes and Leo; Grandsons: Harry and Alexander Landau (2E32); Daughter-in-law: Rosie (Emile’s wife); Granddaughters: Dolores Hughes (Polly’s daughter) and Barbara Ann Harding (Leo’s daughter).
Inscription (Eng)IN LOVING MEMORY OF
BORN 18TH OCT., 1873
DIED 28TH AUG., 1947
Inscription (Heb) 
Inscription (Other)“209” on LHS
HistoricalFounder of Jimmy’s Kitchen restaurant group in Hong Kong. His son, Leo, took it over in 1947. Leo sold the company to his nephew, Neil MacKenzie, in 1985. It’s now owned by Epicurean Group.

Granddaughter Barbara Ann Harding (UK) wrote on on 28 June 2017:
“Aaron was born in Palestine near Jaffa and my grandmother was born in Turkey.

“They came to Hong Kong in 1928 with four children. They [were] married in Shanghai in 1900 (at the synagogue) and lived in India, Bombay and Calcutta (1901-1908), in Bangkok (1908-1925) and then in China — Shanghai, Harbin and Tientsin. Aaron opened the first Jimmy’s Kitchen in Shanghai in 1927. He had opened a small hotel in Bangkok in 1910 and named it after the famous Astor House hotel owned by the Kadoorie family, whom he did work for from time to time. Jimmy’s Hong Kong was first opened in Wanchai 1928 and then moved to the old China Building that was owned by the Ho Tungs, who were kind to my grandfather and gave him a very cheap rent.

“During WWII, my grandmother was interned in China with her daughter, Polly and granddaughter Dolores. My grandfather was fine [during that time] as he had a Turkish passport.”

Barbara Harding wrote on 15 July 2017:
“The Landaus came to Singapore around the 1880s. My great-grandfather, Mordechai Landau, died in Shanghai around 1901. My father, Leo, was born in Bangkok.”

Aaron was married to another woman, Dora Gartner, before Amelia. She died in Shanghai, possibly in childbirth. They had a child who may have also died at birth. Aaron and Amelia were married in Shanghai around 1901. She was already living there at the time.

Aaron took Nancy Yip as his mistress after Amelia’s accident in 1933. According to Barbara Harding, “They set up house and lived together for years. He was separated from my grandmother, who was living in China [by that time].”

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