Mayer, Many

Plot Location1D2
Given Name(s)Many
Place of BirthBucharest, Romania
Date of Birth (Eng)January 8, 1898
Date of Birth (Heb) 
Date of Death (Eng)March 26, 1906
Date of Death (Heb) 
Age at Death8
Hebrew Nameמנשה בן בנימן
Spouse’s Name 
Father’s NameBernard Mayer
Mother’s NameYunti Sarah (Sophie) Weingarten
Other Surnames 
Marital StatusS
Maiden Name 
Title (e.g., Dr) 
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) 
Cause of Death 
Other Family DataAt the time of his death, he had an older sister, Esther Mayer Sommer (b. November 17, 1891, Bucharest; d. July 4, 1980, Marin, CA); two older brothers, Walter Isidor Mayer (b. September 17, 1893, Bucharest; d. October 11, 1960, San Francisco) and Max Mayer (b. October 12, 1895, Bucharest; d. March 9, 1993, Los Angeles); and a younger brother and sister, Edith/Ida/Edythe Havelynne Mayer Greenbaum (b. December 27, 1904, Manila; d. April 29, 1970; San Francisco) and Harry Wallace Mayer (b. February 9, 1906, HK; d. October 1, 1992, Pleasanton, CA). Two more siblings were born after: Ned Edgar Mayer (b. April 9, 1909, HK; d. November 7, 1980; Los Angeles) and Arthur Mayer (b. March 15, 1912, Manila; d. May 9, 1970, San Mateo, CA).
Inscription (Eng)SACRED
Inscription (Heb)מצבת קבורת הבחור העלוב מנשה בן בנימן נולד י״ד טבת הת׳ר׳נח ונפטר כ״ט אדר הת׳ר׳סו בן שמנה שנים תנ׳צב׳ה
Inscription (Other)“94” on back of pediment
HistoricalIt appears that the Mayers travelled between Hong Kong and Manila after Many’s death as Edith and Arthur were born in Manila while Harry and Ned were born in Hong Kong.

Bernard’s occupation was the proprietor of the Colonial Hotel on 1 Jubilee Street from 1905 – 1911. Ownership of the hotel was transferred to him from Annetta Papier, the wife of Pinchas Moses Papier (1G3) and mother of Emily Papier (1D1), and he later transferred ownership to Robert John Howard and Edmund Perkis, who were restaurateurs. In San Francisco, he was a shopkeeper, possibly selling fruit.

Bernard and Sophie married on December 13, 1890, probably in Bucharest as Sophie was from there. Bernard was from Moinești, which once had a large Jewish community. Bernard died on March 25, 1951, and Sophie died on April 30, 1934. They are buried next to each other at the Eternal Home Cemetery in Colma, CA.

It appears that Bernard, Esther and Edith/Ida went to the US together in 1909. Sophie must have stayed in Manila because Ned was probably too young to travel. Walter, being the oldest male child, stayed behind to look after them, Max and Harry, who was barely a year old at the time. Bernard must have returned with the girls at some point because Arthur was also born in Manila. In 1917, Sophie, the girls and the youngest boys sailed from Batavia (Jakarta) to the US. Walter and Max were already in the US by that time so perhaps Bernard was too.

A family member wrote on August 20, 2018:
“Many Mayer was the younger brother of Esther Mayer, who married my grandfather’s brother, Henry Sommer. Uncle Henry was a veterinarian in the US Army in the Philippines. He built a veterinary hospital in Pampanga, Philippines around 1915. It appears that he met the Mayer family there and eventually married Esther. They had three children. Their son, Sidney Leon Sommer was one of 92 sailors killed aboard the USS Belleau Wood when it was hit by a Japanese kamikaze fighter off the coast of the Philippine Islands on October 30, 1944. He has a gravestone in Colma, California at the Eternal Rest Cemetery where many of the other members of the Mayer and Sommer extended family are buried.”

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