Elias, Jacob Hai

Plot Location1H17
Given Name(s)Jacob Hai
Place of Birth 
Date of Birth (Eng)circa 1888
Date of Birth (Heb) 
Date of Death (Eng)1944
Date of Death (Heb) 
Age at Death56
Hebrew Nameיעקב חי אליהו
Spouse’s Name 
Father’s NameEzekiel Ezra Isaac Elias (2G4) ?
Mother’s NameSarah Catherine Solomon Elias (1C10) ?
Other Surnames 
Marital Status 
Maiden Name 
Title (e.g., Dr) 
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) 
Cause of Death 
Other Family DataHe may have been the brother of Isaac Ezekiel Elias and Reuben Sassoon Elias
Inscription (Eng)IN MEMORY OF
DIED 1944
Inscription (Heb)הם יעקב חי אליהו
Inscription (Other)“192” on front
HistoricalAccording to the 1917 juror’s list, a Jack Elias was employed by the HK & Kowloon Wharf & Godown Co., Ltd. In the 1918 jurors’ list, a Jacob Elias was a clerk at W.G. Humphrey’s & Co. He, Isaac Ezekiel Elias and Reuben Sassoon Elias were all living at 6 Chancery Lane.  Jack and Jacob are probably the same person as Jack was also living at that address.

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