Tobias, Lewis Albert

Plot Location1C13
Given Name(s)Lewis Albert
Place of BirthBethnal Green, London, UK
Date of Birth (Eng)February 28, 1881
Date of Birth (Heb) 
Date of Death (Eng)July 15, 1940
Date of Death (Heb)9 Tammuz 5700
Age at Death59
Hebrew Nameלויס אלברת
Spouse’s NameAgnes Tobias (1D7)
Father’s NamePhilip Tobias
Mother’s NameLouisa Nathan
Other Surnames 
Marital StatusM
Maiden Name 
Title (e.g., Dr) 
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) 
Cause of Death 
Other Family DataSiblings: Rosina Elizabeth Tobias Hammond (b. March 29, 1871, Hackney; d. June 22, 1955, Essex, UK), Henry Israel Tobias (b. 1874, Hackney; d. February 29, 1960, Essex, UK), Beatrice Ada Tobias (b. December 4, 1876, Bethnal Green; d. August 26, 1942, Essex, UK) and Isidore Tobias (b. April 3, 1878, Bethnal Green; d. March 4, 1947, Hempstead, NY)

He had no children.
Inscription (Eng)IN LOVING MEMORY OF
Inscription (Heb)לזכר עולם פה מצא מנוח ה”מ לויס אלבת תובאיז נ”ע נלב”ע תשעה לחדש תמוז שנת הת”ש תנצב”ה
Inscription (Other) 
HistoricalYear of birth on stone is incorrect.

According to his obituary, he arrived in Shanghai in 1911. There, he worked as an optician at N. Lazarus on Nanking Road along with a Mrs. H. Tobias. This was Julia Tobias, who was married to his brother, Harry (Henry). Julia was the daughter of optician Nathan Lazarus.

He stayed in Shanghai for six months before moving to Hong Kong. In the 1919 jurors’ list, he is reported as working for Lazarus & Co. In the 1923 jurors’ list, he is reported as being an optician and working for the same company. H. Tobias was the proprietor of N. Lazarus, located at 1A, D’Aguilar Street, Central.

He was the president of the Jewish Recreation Club and was a senior active member of Zetland Lodge. He was also a familiar and popular figure at the Happy Valley Racecourse.

He lived at 13 St. Stephens Lane. He later lived at Felix Villas in Pokfulam.

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