Skenazi, Salomon y Alkale

Plot Location2E21
Given Name(s)Salomon y Alkale
Place of BirthIstanbul
Date of Birth (Eng)December 24, 1893
Date of Birth (Heb) 
Date of Death (Eng)January 3, 1955
Date of Death (Heb)9 Tevet 5715
Age at Death61
Hebrew Nameשלמה אשכנאזי
Spouse’s NameSarah Perelman
Father’s NameJosef Eskenazi
Mother’s NameHermosa Eskenazi
Other SurnamesEskenazi
Marital StatusM
Maiden Name 
Title (e.g., Dr) 
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) 
Cause of DeathHeart attack
Other Family DataSon: Joseph Skenazi (b. August 10, 1931, Shanghai). Brother: Yako (Jack) Eskenazi
Inscription (Eng)IN LOVING MEMORY OF
Inscription (Heb)פה מצא מנוח ה”מ שלמה אשכנאזי נ”ע נלב”ע תשעה לר”ח טבת הת”שטו והיו ימיו ס”א שנה תנ”צבה
Inscription (Other) 
HistoricalLived in Shanghai. Both his wife and his son went to the US in 1947 and could not return to China. With their property confiscated by the Communists, Salomon finally arrived in Hong Kong in October 1954. He obtained a visa to travel to Los Angeles to meet up with his family but died of a heart attack shortly before he was due to leave Hong Kong.

In 1927, he purchased the Hongkew Cinema. Built in 1908 with 250 seats, it is considered to be the first cinema in Shanghai. It was demolished in 1988. Mateo Beraha, the uncle of Dario Beraha, may have been a partner in the business.

Sarah (b. April 9, 1909) was from Remi, Romania. On April 10, 1961, she married Morriss D. Sherman in Los Angeles. Joseph changed his name to Jose Skenazi Villaverde when he petitioned for US naturalization.

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