Wolfe, Joseph

2H8 - Joseph Wolfe
Plot Location 2H8
Surname Wolfe
Given Name(s) Joseph
Place of Birth Marrickville, NSW, Australia
Date of Birth (Eng) February 10, 1904
Date of Birth (Heb)
Date of Death (Eng) August 31, 1958
Date of Death (Heb) 16 Elul 5718
Age at Death 54
Hebrew Name יוסף
Spouse’s Name Ethel Wolfe née Rowlands
Father’s Name Alexander David Wolfe
Mother’s Name Sarah Jane Wolfe née Jacobs
Other Surnames
Sex M
Marital Status
Maiden Name
Title (e.g., Dr)
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)
Cause of Death
Other Family Data He was the third of four children (two girls, Esther (Dodie) and Leah, then two boys, he and Kaufman Samuel). His mother died just a few weeks after his younger brother was born. Joseph wasn’t quite two years old at the time. It seems his father never remarried.

He and his wife married in 1924. They had two children — Coralie Claudette Wolfe (b. October 9, 1931) and David Wolfe (b. >1931). On October 11, 1949, Coralie married Clifford Eugene Schatz of Tonkawa, Oklahoma. She was barely 18; he was 24. They had six children together, including Christopher, Colin and Leonie Schatz. Coralie now lives in Oregon.

Inscription (Eng) IN LOVING MEMORY OF
Inscription (Heb) לזכר עולם פה מצא מנוח ה״מ יוסף ואלף נ״ע נלב״ע ביום ט״ז לר״ח אלול תשי״ח והיו ימיו ארבעה חמשים ש תנצ״בה
Inscription (Other)
Historical He was living on Sassoon Road in Pokfulam at the time of his death.

Granddaughter Leonie Schatz wrote on November 1, 2018:

“My grandfather started out as a confectioner in Australia. When my mother was a little girl, he received a promotIon and they moved to Hong Kong. He did very well there and eventually became part of the management team at Dairy Farm. They lived well, for that time period. A very different kind of lifestyle than most of us experience nowadays. Their household had servants and there was quite alot of entertaining. My mother and her younger brother were looked after by an amah and often didn’t see much of their parents.

“When the war came, they were evacuated to Australia. My mom remembers her mother rapping up their most treasured possessions in a Chinese rug. That was all they could take. During the war, Joseph worked in food distribution for all the servicemen. From what I understand, he also aided many Jewish immigrants. He was part of a force to help bring evacuated Jews from Poland to Australia.

“After the war, they returned to Hong Kong. My grandfather’s role at Dairy Farm brought him in contact with many prominent people. They had often had parties in their home. As a 16-year-old, my mother remembers meeting the governor of Hong Kong and Charles Lindbergh. That is how she met my dad too. He was a naval officer stationed in Hong Kong in 1947. They became engaged and my mom went on a boat, by herself, to America. From Hong Kong to Tonkawa, Oklahoma to live in a farm house with no running water. She was pretty shocked. Married two days after her 18th birthday. It was quite a big deal to that small town!

“My grandfather’s mother was the daughter of the first ever rabbi in New Zealand. The Wolfes were originally from Durham in northeast England.”

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