Weinberger, Malvine

2E22 - Malvine Weinberger 1 2E22 - Malvine Weinberger 2
Plot Location 2E22
Surname Weinberger
Given Name(s) Malvine
Place of Birth Vienna?
Date of Birth (Eng) circa 1876 (December 5, 1876?)
Date of Birth (Heb)
Date of Death (Eng) April 22, 1956
Date of Death (Heb) 12 Iyar 5716
Age at Death 79
Hebrew Name מלבן
Spouse’s Name Sandor Weinberger?
Father’s Name Moritz Wohlmuth?
Mother’s Name Fanny Wohlmuth?
Other Surnames
Sex F
Marital Status W
Maiden Name Wohlmuth?
Title (e.g., Dr)
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)
Cause of Death
Other Family Data May be the mother of Erna (b. 1903), Erich Frank (b. 1908; d. August 1, 1986, Sutherland, NSW) and Hilda Waldmann (b. 1914)
DIED 22-4-1956
AGE 79
Inscription (Heb) פה מצאה מנוח ה״מ מרת מלבן וינברגר נ״ע נלב״עת י״ב אייר תש״טז והיו ימיה תשעה ושבעים שנה תנצ״בה
Inscription (Other) “236” centered on front face of top slab

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