Weinberger, Malvine

Plot Location2E22
Given Name(s)Malvine
Place of BirthVienna
Date of Birth (Eng)December 5, 1876
Date of Birth (Heb) 
Date of Death (Eng)April 22, 1956
Date of Death (Heb)12 Iyar 5716
Age at Death79
Hebrew Nameמלבן
Spouse’s NameSandor Weinberger
Father’s NameMoritz Wohlmuth
Mother’s NameFanny Hoor
Other Surnames 
Marital StatusW
Maiden NameWohlmuth
Title (e.g., Dr) 
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) 
Cause of Death 
Other Family DataChildren: Erna (February 25, 1903, Vienna; February 19, 1913, Vienna), Erich Frank (b. September 17, 1908, Vienna; d. August 1, 1986, Sutherland, NSW) and Hilda (b. August 26, 1914, Vienna, d. April 10, 2002, Sydney)

She had an older brother, Hans (March 5, 1875, Vienna); twin younger brothers, Richard and Rudolf (b. May 30, 1878, Vienna); and younger sister, Margarethe (b. July 29, 1881, Vienna).
DIED 22-4-1956
AGE 79
Inscription (Heb)פה מצאה מנוח ה״מ מרת מלבן וינברגר נ״ע נלב״עת י״ב אייר תש״טז והיו ימיה תשעה ושבעים שנה תנצ״בה
Inscription (Other)“236” centered on front face of top slab
HistoricalErich and his wife, Noelie Hazel Morphew (b. 1914, Waverly, NSW; d. June 15, 2001, Sutherland, NSW), were childless. Hilda and her husband may have been as well.

Sandor (b. May 21, 1863, Vienna; d. March 11, 1932, Vienna) is buried at the Wiener Zentralfriedhof (Section T1, Group 52, Row 37, Grave 10.) Erna, who had already passed away by this time, is buried in the same cemetery but her location has not yet been identified.

The couple were married in 1902 at the synagogue on Tempelgasse. Hilda married Erich Waldmann (b. November 15, 1901, Vienna; d. April 22, 1956, Randwick, Australia) in 1935 at the synagogue on Pazmanitengasse.

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