Slossman, Benjamin Abraham

Plot Location2C13
Given Name(s)Benjamin Abraham
Place of Birth 
Date of Birth (Eng)circa 1912
Date of Birth (Heb) 
Date of Death (Eng)May 27, 1978
Date of Death (Heb) 
Age at Death65
Hebrew Name 
Spouse’s Name 
Father’s Name 
Mother’s Name 
Other Surnames 
Marital Status 
Maiden Name 
Title (e.g., Dr) 
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) 
Cause of Death 
Other Family Data 
DIED 27TH MAY 1978
Inscription (Heb)תנצב״ה
Inscription (Other) 
HistoricalOn October 15, 1938, he was promoted from Sergeant to Second Lieutenant in the Jewish Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps. He was a marksman and Lewis gun operator. He later served in Burma and Malaya. His brother, Reuven, was a navy corporal and was killed in action either in Rangoon or Singapore.

According to The London Gazette, 22 August 1947, he lived at Hamilton Court, 12 Hall Road, St. John’s Wood, London. It states that he had no nationality and no occupation.

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