Seip, Ester

2E18 - Ester Seip 1 2E18 - Ester Seip 2
Plot Location 2E18
Surname Seip
Given Name(s) Ester
Place of Birth
Date of Birth (Eng) September 13, 1873
Date of Birth (Heb)
Date of Death (Eng) January 31, 1964
Date of Death (Heb)
Age at Death 90
Hebrew Name
Spouse’s Name
Father’s Name
Mother’s Name
Other Surnames
Sex F
Marital Status
Maiden Name
Title (e.g., Dr)
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)
Cause of Death
Other Family Data
Inscription (Eng) SEIP ESTER
Inscription (Heb)
Inscription (Other) “264” on face of top slab
Historical The 1888 Jurors’ List shows a Friedrich Gustav Gerhard Seip who was working for Schellhass & Co., a German trading company in Hong Kong. Friedrich (b. December 6, 1859, Crefeld, Germany; d. November 15, 1938, Hamburg) was 19 years old when he sailed from Hamburg to China on the S.S. Hesperia on December 14, 1878. His occupation was listed as “Kaufmann” (merchant). He had a son, Oskar Ernst August Seip, born on March 8, 1891 in HK, with Clara Helene Susanne Seip née Brüning. Clara died in Hamburg in 1915. Could Ester have been married to Friedrich?

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