Rahamim, Raphael Hayeem

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Plot Location 4D6
Surname Rahamim (aka Raymond)
Given Name(s) Raphael Hayeem
Place of Birth Baghdad
Date of Birth (Eng) circa 1840
Date of Birth (Heb)  
Date of Death (Eng) May 27, 1908
Date of Death (Heb) 26 Iyar 5668
Age at Death 67
Hebrew Name רפאל חיים רחמים
Spouse’s Name Habibas Tawfik
Father’s Name Jacob Rahamim?
Mother’s Name  
Other Surnames  
Sex M
Marital Status M
Maiden Name  
Title (e.g., Dr)  
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)  
Cause of Death  
Other Family Data Daughter: Rachel Raymond Solomon (b. March 16, 1884, Baghdad; d. August 7, 1968, San Carlos, CA)
Inscription (Eng) SACRED
DIED 27TH MAY 1908
AGED 67.
Inscription (Heb) מצבת קבורת הם רפאל חיים רחמים נע נפתר יום ד כו אייר חתרסח כז סז שנה תנצבה
Inscription (Other)  
Historical Great-great-granddaughter, Jen Traeger, wrote on 3 February 2019:

“According to family lore, Raphael was a rabbi, and aided the sick during the great plague. He survived, but his health was impacted and he passed shortly thereafter. His daughter Rachel married Jacob Haim Solomon in Hong Kong, and they had several children born there, including my grandfather. He and a few of his siblings and his mother immigrated to San Francisco shortly before WW2, but unfortunately some of his siblings and their families endured the Japanese Occupation. Afterward, they also immigrated to San Francisco.”

Habibas’ obituary in Israel’s Messenger, 1 December 1922, page 26 said:

“Mrs. R.H. Raymond, formerly of Hong Kong, passed away on 18th ultimo at her residence 30A Seymour Road at the age of 70.”

It would appear, then, that she didn’t die in HK. There was, however, a Seymour Road in Shanghai. Today, the street is called North Shaanxi Road and it’s the street where Ohel Rachel Synagogue is. So it’s highly likely that she moved up to Shanghai sometime after Raphael died.

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