Gordon, Stewart David

Plot Location2B27
Given Name(s)Stewart David
Place of BirthManchester, UK
Date of Birth (Eng)March 8, 1927
Date of Birth (Heb)
Date of Death (Eng)May 27, 2020
Date of Death (Heb)4 Sivan 5780
Age at Death93
Hebrew Name
Spouse’s Name
Father’s Name
Mother’s Name
Other Surnames
Marital StatusD
Maiden Name
Title (e.g., Dr)
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)
Cause of DeathLung cancer
Other Family DataHe had no children. Brothers: Rodney and Dudley
Inscription (Heb)
Inscription (Other)
HistoricalStewart’s brother, Rodney, delivered the following eulogy at his funeral:
“Although Stewart spent the last 17+ years living in Hong Kong, we were born in Manchester before the family moved in about 1937 to Saint Anne’s on the Sea in the north of England. I still remember as a small child that Stewart had his bar mitzvah in the small synagogue there. It was upstairs in a building near the toy shop to which I would assume I would have been allowed a visit after the service providing I had behaved!

“The 2nd World War broke out in September 1939 and by the following year things were looking bad as the Nazis were by then occupying France, which was only a few miles away across the Channel. A year or so before, our father had been on a buying trip to Czechoslovakia and had seen what was happening to the Jewish people. He decided that, if it was possible, it might be safer if our mother took the children away. We were able to obtain passage on the S.S. Nestor, a cargo/passenger ship sailing to Australia that was carrying other evacuees under a system arranged by the British Government and called the Children’s Overseas Reception Board. We sailed from Liverpool on 14 August 1940, arriving safely in Melbourne via South and West Africa in November 1940. The children who had sailed the week before we left and the ones sailing a week after were not so lucky because their ships were sunk. Those on the first ship were all drowned while those on the second were mostly saved after three days in open lifeboats. How lucky were we!

“On arrival in Melbourne we were initially looked after by members of the Jewish community in a boarding house. We subsequently lived in a flat in St. Kilda until our father was able to join us, and we all moved to Sydney. Father started a business in which Stewart and I worked until it was sold in 1962, at which time Stewart and our father went into a gift importing business together, which Stewart continued to successfully run after our father died, and subsequently Stewart sold out and moved to Hong Kong.

“He enjoyed his time in Hong Kong immensely and often said to me on my visits to him or when he came down to Sydney how much he was enjoying his life in Hong Kong. I know Stewart was always so grateful for the friendship, help and assistance given to him especially in the latter period of his life by Rabbi Oser and everybody connected to the synagogue, and also Dr. Hans Shrader and his medical team at Matilda Hospital and all the management and staff at Parkview Apartments who looked after his daily needs.

“Stewart is now at peace in Hong Kong, a place that he has always enjoyed and which I know has given him many happy memories.”

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