Goorevich, Boris

2C14 - Boris Goorevich 2
Boris Goorevich (back row, 3rd from left) in Harbin, circa 1912

Boris Goorevich (back row, 3rd from left) in Harbin, circa 1912

Boris Goorevich (2nd from right)

Boris Goorevich (2nd from right)

Rachil Sara, Minia, Leonid, Boris, Boris (Bernard) and Mulia (Samuel) Goorevich

Boris and Boris (Bernard)

Associated Press, February 8, 1968

Plot Location 2C14
Surname Goorevich
Given Name(s) Boris (Bernard)
Place of Birth Russia
Date of Birth (Eng) March 17, 1900
Date of Birth (Heb)
Date of Death (Eng) June 7, 1978
Date of Death (Heb) 28 Iyar 5738 (corresponds to June 4, 1978)
Age at Death 78
Hebrew Name בער בר בנימין
Spouse’s Name Sara Goorevich née Kuchmar
Father’s Name Veniamin (Benjamin) Goorevich
Mother’s Name Rachil Sara Goorevich née Kaplan
Other Surnames
Sex M
Marital Status W
Maiden Name
Title (e.g., Dr)
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)
Cause of Death
Other Family Data Daughters: Mary Bloch and Ronnie Stein; Grandsons: Robert and Gershon Dorfman

Siblings: Boris 1 (b. 1898, Russia), Pana (b. 1899, Russia; d. 1968, Tashkent), Ida (b. March 15, 1902, Starodub, Russia; d. November 1990, US), Mulia “Samuel” (b. 1904, Russia; d. August 11, 1997, Sydney), Minia (b. 1906, Russia; d. 1978, Moscow) and Leonid Joseph Goodrich (b. May 6, 1910, Harbin; d. February 1967, NY)

Inscription (Heb) בער בר בנימין גורביץ מת כ״ח אייר תשל ח איש ישר וטוב ת׳נ׳צ׳ב׳ה׳
Inscription (Other)
Historical His real name was Bernard but the family called him “Boris the Younger” because he had an older brother named Boris.

Leo Goorevich wrote on 9 Dec 2015:

Boris 2, or Boris the Younger, went from China to Japan and finally to Hong Kong. I think his wife Sara died in Japan. His elder daughter is Mary Bloch, the widow of George Bloch, who still lives in Hong Kong along with her sons, Rob and Gershon Dorfman. Mary’s younger sister Ronnie lives in New York (Long Island).

Sara died in Japan on August 3, 1964. She is buried in the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery.

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