Dagal, Jacob Ezekiel

Plot Location2D12
Given Name(s)Jacob Ezekiel
Place of BirthBombay, India
Date of Birth (Eng)December 1, 1902
Date of Birth (Heb)1 Kislev 5663
Date of Death (Eng)August 1, 1999
Date of Death (Heb)19 Av 5759
Age at Death96
Hebrew Nameיעקב בן יחזקאל
Spouse’s Name 
Father’s NameEzekiel
Mother’s Name 
Other Surnames 
Marital StatusS
Maiden Name 
Title (e.g., Dr) 
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) 
Cause of Death 
Other Family Data 
Inscription (Eng)Jacob Ezekiel Dagal
Born December 1, 1902 Bombay, India
Died August 1, 1999 Hong Kong
Inscription (Heb)פ נ יעקב בן יחזקאל נולד א׳ כסלו תרס״ג באמבײ נפטר י״ט אב תשנ״ט הונג קונג ת.נ.צ.ב.ה
Inscription (Other) 
HistoricalIn 1955, Warner Bros. announced the appointment of a Jack E. Dagal as general manager for Japan with additional responsibilities for the company’s offices in Formosa (Taiwan), Hong Kong and Indochina.

He is mentioned in Douglas L. Rathgeb’ book, “The Making of Rebel Without a Cause”.

Deborah Puretz Grove wrote on 20 March 2022:
“In November 1976, I was hired to work as a managing director trainee at Warner Brothers International. By the end of January 1977, I was working on a six-month apprenticeship in Stockholm, Sweden because I was fluent in Swedish, German, and French.

“My local Swedish boss announced at a staff meeting that Jack Dagal was visiting European capitals on a farewell tour hosted by Warner Brothers upon his retirement after about 21 years. (He started in 1955). As no local staff wanted to host him over the weekend when he was scheduled to arrive, I volunteered. I was so pleased to be meeting an ‘Old Hand’.

“When Jack arrived, I went to his hotel to meet him (this was all organized by telex in those days). We went out for dinner, toured the downtown, I think I took him to a topless bar, and he insisted on buying herbs and spices and making curry for me at my apartment.

“Jack was such an entertaining gentleman, and I gobbled up all his anecdotes and stories. Months later, Jack sent me a Japanese silk kimono and a string of pearls. Gossip flew through the office rapidly – now everyone wished they had signed up to escort Jack around Stockholm. It did not make me more popular and I was transferred to the office in Munich, Germany, and after a year, I left the company.

“A colleague at Warner Brothers in Burbank, CA introduced my boyfriend to an analyst in Hong Kong. He was hired and we went to Hong Kong in 1981. I immediately looked up Jack. He was kind once again. He took me to the horse races a few times but was embarrassed when I asked his friends in adjacent seats not to blow smoke my way. We had lunch a few times at Jimmy’s Kitchen and probably had curry elsewhere as well. From him, I learned about the Shanghai days of White Russians, Jewish refugees, and waiting out the hell of WWII. He also reminisced about his friendship with Run Run Shaw, and the marvelous synchronicity of Warner Brothers and the Shaw studios. I think Jackie Chan came up in those discussions as well.”

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