Dagal, Jacob Ezekiel

2D12 - Jacob Ezekiel Dagal
Plot Location 2D12
Surname Dagal
Given Name(s) Jacob Ezekiel
Place of Birth Bombay, India
Date of Birth (Eng) December 1, 1902
Date of Birth (Heb) 1 Kislev 5663
Date of Death (Eng) August 1, 1999
Date of Death (Heb) 19 Av 5759
Age at Death 96
Hebrew Name יעקב בן יחזקאל
Spouse’s Name  
Father’s Name Ezekiel
Mother’s Name  
Other Surnames  
Sex M
Marital Status S
Maiden Name  
Title (e.g., Dr)  
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)  
Cause of Death  
Other Family Data  
Inscription (Eng) Jacob Ezekiel Dagal
Born December 1, 1902 Bombay, India
Died August 1, 1999 Hong Kong
Inscription (Heb) פ נ יעקב בן יחזקאל נולד א׳ כסלו תרס״ג באמבײ נפטר י״ט אב תשנ״ט הונג קונג ת.נ.צ.ב.ה
Inscription (Other)  
Historical In 1955, Warner Bros. announced the appointment of a Jack E. Dagal as general manager for Japan with additional responsibilities for the company’s offices in Formosa (Taiwan), Hong Kong and Indochina.

He is mentioned in Douglas L. Rathgeb’ book, “The Making of Rebel Without a Cause”.

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