Arzoony, David Abraham

Plot Location2F3
Given Name(s)David Abraham
Place of BirthBaghdad
Date of Birth (Eng)February 15, 1909
Date of Birth (Heb)24 Shevat 5669
Date of Death (Eng)August 12, 2000
Date of Death (Heb)10 Av 5760
Age at Death91
Hebrew Nameדוד אברהם בן אברהם
Spouse’s NameVictoria Arzoony
Father’s NameAvraham
Mother’s Name
Other Surnames
Marital Status
Maiden Name
Title (e.g., Dr)
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)
Cause of Death
Other Family DataTwo daughters: June and May
Inscription (Eng)David Abraham Arzoony
Born February 15th, 1909 Baghdad
Died August 12th, 2000 Hong Kong
Inscription (Heb)פ נ דוד אברהם בן אברהם נולד כ״ד שבט תרס״ט נפטר י״ מנחם אב תש״ס ת.נ.צ.ב.ה
Inscription (Other)
HistoricalGranted UK naturalisation on July 9, 1948 (No. HO 334/257/4478). The certificate says he came from Iran, not Iraq.

He was a private in the Jewish Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps.

Daughter May (Miriam) married Norman L. Abrahams of Liverpool in September 1959. Their children are Daniel J. Abrahams (b. October 1960) and Ruth S. Abrahams (b. June 1962).

Victoria died on January 11, 1972. She is not buried in HK. She may have been living with her daughter, May, in Hamilton, Ontario, at the time.

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