Leff, Chayim

2C15 - Chayim Leff    
Plot Location 2C15
Surname Leff
Given Name(s) Chayim (Henry Robert)
Place of Birth Australia
Date of Birth (Eng) February 1921
Date of Birth (Heb)  
Date of Death (Eng) August 12, 1978
Date of Death (Heb) 9 Av 5738
Age at Death 57
Hebrew Name חיים בן זאב הלוי
Spouse’s Name Gladys Dorothy Leff (2H19)
Father’s Name Woolf (Wolfe) Lefcovitz
Mother’s Name Anne Sarah Lefcovitz
Other Surnames  
Sex M
Marital Status W
Maiden Name  
Title (e.g., Dr)  
Religious Status (כ/ל/י) L
Cause of Death Leukemia
Other Family Data Daughter Robyn Hardy and granddaughter Rebecca Lee. Both live in Melbourne.
Inscription (Eng) CHAYIM LEFF DIED 12TH AUGUST 1978 AGED 57
Inscription (Heb) חיים בן זאב הלוי נל״ע ט׳ אב התשל״ח והיו ימיו נ״ז שנה תנצב״ה
Inscription (Other)  
Historical Daughter Robyn Hardy wrote on 26 June 2010:

“My late husband and I went to Hong Kong early 1965. My husband was Chinese, so we came to help out with my father in-law’s business. As it happened, I got a very good job with the Australian Trade Commission and stayed there for quite awhile. We ended up staying and living in Hong Kong (loved it) until late 1978.

“I brought my mother and father over for year’s stay, but unfortunately that same year my mother passed away. A few years later, when we found out that my father was ill, we decided it would be better for him to be in Hong Kong with his family. We knew that he only had months to live and, as I had no brother or sister, at least he was with me and the family.”

Robyn wrote again on 25 July 2010:

“Both my parents were born in Australia. My father’s family came over from Europe – actually they came from England as they went from Poland to England and were there for a couple of years. They did not all come together, but eventually they all got here with the exception of one who lived in Paris. We are not too sure of where he is and I am still trying to find out.”

Robyn wrote again on 12 October 2020:

“My grandparents left Poland in 1914 and went to England. There were 10 children in all and most of them immigrated to Australia. The eldest was my uncle Jack who came first and set up a home and a tailoring business in Sydney. All the rest but one followed. That uncle lived in France and he was sent to a concentration camp when the Nazis entered the country.”

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