Komor, Siegfried

4E2 - Siegfried Komor 4E2 - Siegfried Komor Photo 1
Plot Location 4E2
Surname Komor
Given Name(s) Siegfried
Place of Birth Budapest
Date of Birth (Eng) March 23, 1863
Date of Birth (Heb)  
Date of Death (Eng) February 15, 1935
Date of Death (Heb)  
Age at Death 72
Hebrew Name  
Spouse’s Name Pauline Donnenberg
Father’s Name Salomon Komor né Kohn
Mother’s Name  
Other Surnames  
Sex M
Marital Status W
Maiden Name  
Title (e.g., Dr)  
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)  
Cause of Death  
Other Family Data Children: Henry Solon Komor (b. January 23, 1897, Yokohama; d. May 2, 1978, SF), Renée Anna Komor White Pfohl (b. June 3, 1900, Yokohama; d. January 8, 1993, CA), Hilda Beatrix Komor Hille (b. June 30, 1901, Yokohama; d. September 3, 1998, CA) and George Fernand Komor (b. February 20, 1903, Yokohama; d. August 18, 1988, SF).

Father-in-law: Joseph Haiem Donnenberg (4B8); brothers-in-law: Samuel Dunn (4B5) and Albert Weill (4B7); sister-in-law: Rosie Donnenberg Weill (4B4); niece and nephews: Sophie Rachel Odell (4B2), Harry Odell (4B1) and Leo Weill (4B6); great-nephew: Victor Jack Cario (4B9).

Inscription (Eng) SIEGFRIED KOMOR
Inscription (Heb) תנצב״ה
Inscription (Other) (Foot of stone, front edge:) B.J. & Co. 157
Historical Had a Japanese curio business called Komor & Komor at a shop under the Hongkong Hotel, Queen’s Road. He joined his cousin, Alfred Kuhn, in the curio dealership, Kuhn and Co., in 1892. Alfred later sold his share of the business to Siegfried and retired on April 10, 1913, returning to Budapest where his wife had been living for some time. He had been in HK for 28 years. The company was then renamed Komor & Komor, as his brother, Isidor, and Alfred had opened a branch of the Hong Kong company in Yokohama in 1897.

According to a 1918 jurors’ list, he lived at 41 Robinson Road.

The remains of his son-in-law, Claude Ellsworth White, are buried in the Hong Kong Cemetery.

His nephew, George Komor (b. December 8, 1888, Hungary; d. November 27, 1976), Isidor’s younger son, is buried in the Foreign General Cemetery in Yokohama. George’s wife, a Russian émigrée, died in the Great Kanto earthquake that struck the Tokyo-Yokohama area on September 1, 1923.

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