Joseph, Joseph Edgar

2A5 - Joseph Edgar Joseph
Plot Location 2A5
Surname Joseph
Given Name(s) Joseph Edgar
Place of Birth Bombay
Date of Birth (Eng) July 7, 1882
Date of Birth (Heb)  
Date of Death (Eng) April 16, 1946
Date of Death (Heb) 15 Nisan 5706
Age at Death 64
Hebrew Name יוסף אדגר שאול עבדללה
Spouse’s Name  
Father’s Name Saul Abdoolah Joseph (2E5)
Mother’s Name Sophia Joseph (2A4)
Other Surnames  
Sex M
Marital Status S
Maiden Name  
Title (e.g., Dr)  
Religious Status (כ/ל/י)  
Cause of Death  
Other Family Data Uncle: Manasseh Abdulla Joseph (2E4). Siblings: Mozelle (b. 1875), Juliet Florence Toledano (b. 1875) and Felix Alexander Joseph (b. April 29, 1890, HK, d. September 30, 1949, Egham, UK).
Inscription (Eng) IN LOVING MEMORY
Inscription (Heb) לזכר עולם פה מצא מנוח ה״מ יוסף אדגר שאול עבדאללה יוסף נ״ע נלב״ע י״ה ניסן תש״ו והיו ימיו ד״ס שנה תנצ״בה
Inscription (Other) “202” on marble plaque attached to left side pediment at foot of slab
Historical He arrived in HK in 1884 but lived much of his life in Shanghai.

In a 1917 jurors’ list, he is listed as a broker in Prince’s Building. He lived at 39 Conduit Road.

Hebrew date should be “ט״ו” and his age should be ס״ד.

Died at the French Hospital, which was another name for St Paul’s Hospital, in Causeway Bay.

Felix Villas in Pokfulam is named after his brother, Felix. Felix married Gladys Enid Abelson (b. 1904, London) in March 1923 in Marylebone and they had three children, Anthony, Geoffrey and Kendy. Gladys died on November 4, 1976, in Harringay, London.

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